The origins of our sites is in the work of Savaric Whiting Ltd  web site - Savaric.com - a company offering a consulting service to individuals and corporations, with the purpose of helping them achieve their objectives and flourish in a sustainable fashion. 

The company started by working with conventional organisations, where the founders were inspired with a vision of what they wanted to achieve. This was usually thought of as an intuitive idea that sprang into being without any conscious control on their part.

In recent years we have worked with charities and not-for-profit companies.

Most of this work has been in Glastonbury UK - we have found, in many of these cases, that the initiating individuals are working consciously with what we call the ‘Guidance of Divine Wisdom’. In these latter cases, in starting and running a project. we have found that there is a specialised way of understanding, accessing, listening to and using this ‘Guidance’.

This means using what we think of as an ‘Enabling Process’. This requires the ability to listen to and understand the source of inspiration of the initiator, and then interpret this vision into practical terms that will be acceptable to the essential providers of material resource.

We think it is worth sharing what we have learnt about this specialised way of working.

We are doing this through our web sites as follows:

Savaric.com – this is the Portal site to our other three sites and the original site of this company.  Here we look at:

  • facts about us, our name and our objects
  • A ‘Blog’ where we give thoughts on our activities 
  • the services we offer
  • I'm outline of the Ageless Wisdom, the Enabling Process and the town of Glastonbury UK

SavaricWisdom.com – In this site we explore the concept of a Higher Wisdom and the way it is possible to access it. 

WiseCreativity.com – In this site we look specifically at how the Wisdom may be accessed and applied to the solution of conventional material problems.

SavaricGlaston – in this site we look at Glastonbury in the UK – an interesting town with two aspects. For many. It is seen as a conventional Somerset market town - for others it is a world recognised centre or spiritual transformation and pilgrimage.

These sites are being actively developed and we are regularly adding new pages

if you’re interested in sharing ideas with us then please contact us at:

our email - savaric.w@gmail.com