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Our page About gives details about us and our objects -  plus draw down pages with Information on useful books and web sites and a Glossary of esoteric terms

We believe that there is a specialised way of working, with what we call the ‘Inspiration of the Wisdom’,  and that this method is potentially applicable to all manner of situations involving both individuals and communities.

It is this concept of a Higher Wisdom -  the  inspiration behind the creative process -that we  explore in this site.

Our companion site - SavaricEnable.com  - looks at the inspiring process and its various aspects .

On this page there is a draw-down page with a Glossary of Esoteric terms

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Throughout the website, we give a note where pages have been written by a third party – otherwise all pages, sketches and diagrams have been originated by the authors of the site.


This Site

In this site we are exploring what we are calling the Wisdom, the Perennial Philosophy, the Ageless Wisdom, that is held to be the basis of most religions and spiritual paths.

This is a complex subject that has been covered by many teachers over thousands of years.

The teaching can be confusing in that in every case it has been told in words appropriate to the time and place of the telling, leading to an apparently wide variety of different beliefs, but in fact all reflecting the one truth.

Understanding the Wisdom cannot be achieved as an intellectual learning process - this only leads needs to knowledge about the Wisdom. A true knowing of the Wisdom can only be achieved by experiencing it - and this can only be done by accessing it by following some form of spiritual practice.

 in this web website we give an individual's idea of how to gain knowledge of the Wisdom. Inevitably it is only a brief outline, but hopefully it will lead to lead anyone interested into making their own further enquiries and taking their own practical steps towards a

'Knowing' of the Wisdom

 We hope that this website might be at least be a useful introduction this amazing journey. A journey that leads to peace, calm, fulfilment and an inner knowing in the individual.


 if you’re interested in sharing ideas with us then please contact us at:

our email - savaric.w@gmail.com